Five reasons for the wedding vows

Exquisite wedding dress, smiling friends and family, this moment began …

There is nothing more special than the day we get to stand in front of the one we love and say I DO. Commitment is truly the ultimate expression of love. Although there is nothing that could ever take the place of that special day we married our partner and best friend, there are great reasons many married couples are choosing to do it all over again, years later.

  1. For no other reason than to PARTY with all who you love – Sometimes we just don’t need a reason. If you want a reason to get your family and friends together, or maybe the family is already getting together for a trip or vacation and you want to throw a SURPRISE in the mix, just go for it. LOVE is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate!
  2. A big Anniversary is coming up – We all know how challenging relationships can be to sustain over the years, so if we have made it through 10, 25, 50 years with our partner, why not celebrate that milestone in a big way? How beautiful would it be to be surrounded by the ones you love, and maybe even ‘created,’ and show them that love can still survive and thrive in this crazy world? What a great way to show the younger generations that love still means something and commitment is HOT!
  3. The family has grown since the original ceremony – What once was two has now grown into a family. Having the kids (teenagers, young adults) participate in the wedding and be a part of their parents’ love celebration is an honor and a blessing for them. Our children learn love from us and there is no greater expression of love than a marriage commitment. Set that example.
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  5. Life got in the way of that dream wedding – Busy work schedules, military deployment, finances, and lack of family support are all reasons a couple may put off their dream wedding in order to take the leap with their partner. So go ahead…plan the ceremony, write the vows, buy the dress or plan that beach wedding you’ve always dreamed of. It’s never too late to make that dream a reality.
  6. Create a Tradition – How fun would it be to celebrate LOVE and the blessing of partnership on regular intervals? It doesn’t have to be too extravagant but couples can gather family and friends together every 5 years and go on a special trip to renew vows. Maybe multiple generations can join in on the nuptials as they reach their milestones in their own married life. Group wedding…why not?