Psalm 21 – God’s Assist and Electricity in Our Battles and Struggles

The sweetest flavor of energy is in faithful victory whether it is the sensation of a position perfectly completed, a connection achievement or a personalized struggle achieved entrance on and therefore conquered. The blessing of self-glad joy is afforded as we consume a toast in that instant of bliss before we transfer on to the subsequent phase of our lives. This is, after all, electrical power to are living for!

But, self-satisfaction can only fill us to a certain amount, personally. Faithfulness for some others usually takes us to another stage, on a independent realm, entirely. The satisfaction of royals or rulers in ruling for their men and women–in approaches of faithfulness to God–and in situations of justified victory–will have to be the magnum opus of the faithful daily life the transcendent second of all times.
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In historic occasions, as it is today, the sign of sovereignty or authorities becoming below the anointing and path of God was a really good issue for the country staying led–we only have to examine the publications of record in the Old Testomony to realise this. Indeed, it’s a strong topic spread proper as a result of the biblical corpus.

Psalm 21 is extremely basically a royal liturgy of praise for the deliverance of victory, submit-battle. But, it also has extremely salient application to us in our battles. A single can picture King David, if in fact he wrote the psalm as it is alleged, standing back again in awe of God composing and reciting the psalm.

God on your own is in the front of his thoughts, swelling his coronary heart in spirit-loaded praise, for the awareness of these types of a faithful God and the unparalleled thrill of serving him. All thoughts of the King’s self are vanquished for the time and minute of praise this kind of was God’s act of momentous faithfulness.

This understanding of God’s unfailing loving kindness engenders in us a prevailing cheerfulness:

I have often favored cheerfulness to mirth. The latter I consider as an act, the previous as a behavior of brain. Mirth is shorter and transient, cheerfulness mounted and everlasting.
-Joseph Addison, 1672-1719.
Faithfulness is the gentle optimism of rely on. It truly is recognising the very well-laid-out truth of the matter that God is current in all we do, in all we see, and in all we are. He would not change the blind eye. In this know-how we can afford to pay for cheerfulness, as Addison describes for God lasts–his goodness to us as properly as his greatness.

Our working day-to-day battles are not constantly won, but in our faithfulness is the war. At occasions we need to see earlier the very little defeats and onto the additional sumptuous image of the close activity as our faithfulness fulfills with God’s.

In truth, with Psalm 21 again firmly in watch, if we ended up to transcribe David’s title for yet another royal descendent, our Lord Jesus, the topic introduced would match just the exact same. Rather of the King’s cognisance of God’s faithfulness in the victory of battle, Christ sees the Father’s faithfulness in the victory in excess of sin and loss of life by means of his individual faithfulness.[one] The Father enacted the divine prepare specified ahead of development–the ‘deeper magic’ as held by C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia if you will–and Jesus acted it out in sheer obedience.